Frequently Asked Questions

What are Advantage’s fees and costs?

This depends on your specific business type, what you will be offering, your average ticket, types of cards you will take, and the method in which you run your transactions. Once we discuss the outline of your business we can apply competitive and fair rates.

How long does it take to set up an account?

Typically, we are able to set up your account in 24-48 hours with a complete application. Missing or incorrect items could delay an application, so we work with you from the beginning to make sure you have all the correction information for your business before we start your application process.

I want to switch processors but I am worried it’s too much trouble?

We make the process very straightforward. First, we will complete a statement analysis that will at least meet, but more than likely beat your existing rates. If you like the bottom line savings, we have you fill out a 2 page application. We approve your account and then reprogram your terminal for no extra charge. You now have access to lower fees and equivalent or better service.

I had a bad experience switching processing companies before. How do I know Advantage is credible?

We have heard this from many business owners and this is unfortunate. The reason we are able to stay in business is because we maintain our integrity by being professional and accountable and we treat all of our clients like our number one client. We want you to have a refreshing experience when you deal with us.

I may have a cancellation fee to pay with my existing processor if I switch early, what can I do to avoid this?

Sometimes you cannot avoid paying the cancellation fee. However, if we are able to reduce your annual expenses by a $1000.00 or more, then a one time cancellation fee between $150 to $250 may be worth paying. You will not only still see continual savings in the initial year, but they will continue into the following year as well.

How do I get my money and how often?

The payment funds you collect via a credit card transaction are deposited directly into your business bank account and are done so as quickly as 36 hours for Visa and MasterCard. Discover and American Express may take a bit longer as their deposit frequencies differ from Visa and MasterCard.

I am concerned about a weak credit score?

Our approval rate is very high and only in rare cases will a business need to provide financial statements in order to have an account be approved.

I already have equipment, can you reprogram it and will that cost me money?

We can work with a vast majority of the terminals that exist today. We do not charge to reprogram compatible equipment.

Do you offer supplies for equipment?

We have plenty of supplies for equipment. Sales prices do vary based on the specific piece of equipment, but pricing is still fair and better than shopping elsewhere such as a large office supply store for example.

Can I lease equipment?

No, we do not believe in leasing equipment. With a lease you end up paying 2 to 3 times the amount for a terminal you could have purchased outright.

I currently lease equipment can I still switch to Advantage?

Yes, your lease is usually not with your processing company, but with a sub-lessor. Therefore, your terminal can remain the same, but your will merchant services will change.

What if I want to tell my business colleagues about your services?

We offer a Rewards program for those clients who refer us because they have found our service to be outstanding. Call us to find out more!