About Advantage Payment Processing

At Advantage we give you a personal consultant for your business. Why dial an 800# number for support and talk to a different Customer Service Representative every time? They don’t know you, your business, or your circumstances. We understand what your company needs from the beginning and then follow up with the right payment solution.

We want you to feel comfortable calling us in case you have questions, concerns, or issues that need to be handled. When is the last time you called an 800# number feeling 100% confident that the individual on the other side of the phone would get you the best service possible in the shortest amount of time? Don’t roll the dice when it comes to your merchant services. Get the same sales consultant every time you need help and have the peace of mind that your issues will be resolved.

At Advantage Payment Processing, Inc. we built our business realizing that the best way to be successful is to make your ongoing satisfaction our top priority. We pride ourselves on integrity and service and utilize these values as the compass to our success. Our goal is to build long lasting customer relationships. We hope to build one with you!

Advantage Payment Processing, Inc. is powered by First Data. Today, First Data is the global technology leader in information commerce. The company processes transaction data of all kinds, harnesses the power of that data, and delivers innovations in secure infrastructure, intelligence and insight for its customers. First Data supports its customers by helping them process and understand the intelligence behind every transaction. Data is the new currency.

Privately owned and operated, Advantage Payment Processing, Inc. is headquartered in San Diego, California and has built a solid reputation through its dedicated support staff, its experienced and polished sales professionals, and its loyal customers.